Gary Faigin
Craftsy Instructor

Seattle, WA USA

As a young art student intent on finding a traditional fine art education, I trained at the Art Students League of New York and at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris. While living in New York (1976-1991), I taught figure drawing upon the retirement of my teacher, Robert Beverly Hale, at the Art Students League, an all-day Saturday program I presented continuously over the next decade. Concurrently, I taught Perspective ... Read Full Bio »

Gary's Craftsy Classes


Drawing Facial Expressions

Discover techniques for drawing the human face's full range of emotions alongside Gary Faigin. Draw faces that clearly exhibit the shock of surprise or the agitation of fear by accurately recreating the corresponding curves of the mouth, angles of the eyebrows and more. Understand the facial muscles that pull, pucker and strain to produce a spectrum of sad expressions. Depict different levels of anger as you learn the role of the mouth in creating this fiery expression. Portray faces drawn back in disgust as you capture the facial characteristics of this visceral reaction. And unlock the secrets for skillfully sketching every kind of smile: slight, broad, eager, bittersweet and even insincere. Learn how to draw realistic facial expressions for more impactful portraits and illustrations.

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Draw Better Portraits

Learn how to draw realistic faces with a striking resemblance to your subject. In these free lessons from renowned artist Gary Faigin, you'll learn to create a block-in sketch that maps the shapes and patterns of your subject's face in accurate proportion. As you draw, you'll create "placeholders" for each facial feature, so you know their exact position, size and relationship to each other. Continue with tips for refining the details of the mouth, eye sockets, chin and the base of the nose. Then, succeed at capturing the nuances of anyone's eyes by breaking them down into a series of simple shapes. Find out how to draw realistic faces, and create portraits that look just like your subject!



Drawing Facial Features

Create a compelling portrait that captures the likeness of your subject and shows the range and depth of human emotion! With Faigin's guidance, you’ll discover the fundamental forms of the skull and how to use basic ratios to accurately depict distinct facial patterns. Sketch a compositional study of the underlying structure of the face, and use gradual tonal changes to define the ridges and planes of your rendering. Learn to draw emotionally animated eyes and an authentic smile, and transform your portrait from flat to fully dimensional with highlights and shadows.

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Drawing From the Skull
Eye Studies
Self Portrait
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