Cynthia Nims
Craftsy Instructor

Seattle, WA USA

Seattle-based author and culinary consultant Cynthia Nims’ latest cookbooks are Oysters and Crab, both published in 2016. She has been the author or editor of more than two dozen other books, and was part of the editorial team for the ground-breaking Modernist Cuisine volumes. Previously editor of Simply Seafood magazine and food editor of Seattle Magazine, she has since been a contributor to Cooking Light, Alaska Airlines ... Read Full Bio »

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Homemade Salty Snacks

Discover how fun it is to create delicious, creative snacks in your own kitchen! Cookbook author Cynthia Nims guides you through more than a dozen salty snacks, starting with tasty techniques for transforming popcorn and nuts with exotic seasonings. Dive into three irresistible versions of chips with a traditional potato chip recipe and other healthy varieties using kale, parsnips and carrots. Find out how to make crunchy, flavorful crackers from homemade dough, and create fresh pretzels in less than an hour. Finally, use puff pastry for elegant parmesan breadsticks and festive pesto pinwheels or make crunchy grissini, all sure to please at your next cocktail party. Plus, discover how to stock your pantry so you can whip up customizable DIY snacks whenever the craving strikes!

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French Home Cooking: The Essential Techniques

Experience the incredible flavors and surprising ease of authentic French meals, led by renowned cookbook author and culinary instructor Cynthia Nims. Discover expert prep and seasoning tips for rustic fish chowder and classic roast chicken; and develop the confidence to approach an array of recipes with your newfound skills. Learn to make a béchamel base for a delectable cheese soufflé and whip egg whites perfectly so that the souffleé never falls flat, and explore the regional variations on a classic savory beef and mushroom stew. Create irresistible potato gratin, and learn the secrets to creating silky-smooth pommes purée. Plus, make crème anglaise, the classic dessert sauce, and use it to create a French custard ice cream with vanilla beans. Sign up to create a range of beloved French recipes with skills you’ll use again and again!


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Black Pepper Grissini
Fish Chowder
Roast Chicken
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