Cindy Walter
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Honolulu, HI

Cindy Walter was born in Iowa into a family of quilters and quilting has been her passion and career for more than two decades. She is the author of 10 books on quilting, including Snippet Sensations, which won the Primedia Award of Excellence. Cindy also has designed fabric collections and patterns, and written for magazines. In addition, Cindy was the co-host of PBS?s Quilt Central TV for several years. Teaching and meeting students from ... Read Full Bio »

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Fun Techniques With Fabric Paints

Create the perfect fabric for piecing, appliqué, borders and backing with acclaimed quilting instructor Cindy Walter. Start with thin fabric paints as you blend vibrant hues with color-wash techniques, easily produce sophisticated patterns with heliographing and enhance the intricacy of your work in minutes — with salt! Use thick fabric paints along with stamping, stenciling and direct painting techniques to create beautiful designs without artistic expertise. Trace and paint patterns onto fabric to achieve the look of intricate piecing in a fraction of the time. Plus, unlock bold effects with mixed-media materials such as 3-D paints, ink pens, decorative threads and more! Make custom fabrics with easy-to-use paints that are completely colorfast.

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May 16, 2015 - Jun 01, 2015
Heading to Moscow, Russia for vacation on a riverboat cruise. I'm super excited and will take photos for you. I should have internet connection the whole time, but.....I've learned to expect the unexpected when traveling! So, if I don't respond to your questions right away, sit tight I'll reply as soon as I have internet. Do I have any students from Russia???

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Amazing tomatoe!
Mini-Quilt & Stamping Techniques
Heliography Patterns
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