Bennett Vadnais
Craftsy Instructor

New York

Bennett Vadnais grew up in Washington State and trained in the classical tradition at such schools as the Bougie Studio, the Water Street Atelier and the Art Students League of New York. His work earned him various awards that allowed him to study independently in Europe for nearly two years. Vadnais has shown work with galleries across the country and had a solo exhibition at the Art Students League in 2005. Currently he is exhibiting with ... Read Full Bio »

Bennett's Craftsy Classes


Water Views: Acrylic Landscapes

Explore the versatility of acrylic paint as you bring water scenes to life. Mix and apply colors to create harmonious depth in your composition, and learn how to accurately recreate the serene shades of sky and water. Use value to give flat-looking foliage volume and dimension, and discover expert shortcuts for creating natural textures like grass and bark. Plus, make your water scenes even more dynamic as you find out how to paint waves and surface reflections with breathtaking realism.



Acrylic Landscape Painting

An acclaimed artist and instructor, Bennett Vadnais draws on classical painting techniques to demonstrate color mixing, glazing, texture and detail work. If you're looking to broaden your palette from oils or watercolors, or even have experience in acrylic, you'll gain fresh insight through observing Vadnais' classically inspired process. After an overview of tube vs. fluid colors, brushes and panel preparation, Vadnais launches into the the creation of a landscape, drawing on extensive training and experience as an artist in classical realism. The intimate studio setting allows you to see close-up how Vadnais transfers a drawing, builds a monochromatic underpainting to establish values, then creates both atmospheric effects and rigorously defined details with with glazes and opaque painting methods.

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