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Project Description

DIY Recycle Pots Link to website or photo etsygreekstreetteam.blogspot.com/2012/04/spring-diy-recycle-flower-pots.html We used an old metal pole and stuck it in a hole in our patio. The hole is actually for an umbrella. You can pound the pole in your yard about 2 feet deep. The plastic pots already had a hole in the bottom. We placed a coffee filter in the bottom of each pot and "strung" them on to the pole, biggest pot first. Then we filled with dirt and flowers!

What you will need

  • metal pole and flower pots

Q&A with Sheila Zachariae

Laura T Designs asked:
i have something similar to this, how do you get the dirt to stay in when watering?
Sheila Zachariae answered:
If you mean at the botto of the pot....use coffee filters! If you mean dirt falling out the top of the pot when you water....I water at the back of the pot very slowly so the dirt can absorb the water. Once the plants get established, the dirt shouldn't come out the top! Do you have yours posted in the projects? I'd love to see!
karenln asked:
Love this!
Sheila Zachariae answered:
Thank you! It would be great for a very small yard or if you need some height in a garden!
CarSok asked:
What a great idea. Looks like something I'll have to try. Great job!!
Sheila Zachariae answered:
Thank you! We'd like to do another with herbs!
Granny L Spann asked:
Very neat idea! What type of pole did you use? Rebar?
Sheila Zachariae answered:
Actually, it is an old pipe from something, but you could certainly use rebar.
Sarah Becker asked:
Thats fabulous! I can't wait to try it!
Sheila Zachariae answered:
Thank you. We are finally getting some nice weather here in the midwest! Time for planting is soooon.

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