Scent herbs

Project Description

What type of item is this? Plant or Flower How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you have some of these herbs in your garden, try smelling the individual herbs with your eyes closed. It's not at all easy to identify each smell, but it's a great sensory experience!

What you will need

  • I was lucky to find some very special varieties of herbs at my local garden center: lemon thyme
  • pimpinella
  • chocolate mint
  • strawberry mint
  • Artemisia abrotanum ("coca-cola-shrub")
  • salsola
  • water pepper
  • meadowsweet
  • common rue
  • and pineapple sage.

Q&A with Andrea Cuda

myramberg799351 asked:
They all sound like they smell amazing! How do they smell as a group?
Andrea Cuda answered:
They certainly do :-)) Altogether, they smell fruity and mildly sweet, as the lemon thyme, strawberry mint, pineapple sage and cola shrub are the most fragrant.