New Orleans Back Yard

Project Description

What was your source for this garden project? Improvisational What type of item is this? Garden Decor How would you describe the style of your project? Whimsical

Q&A with Andrea Palumbo

Hilemju193818574 asked:
Oh my gosh! Your yard looks like heaven to me!!! It is beautiful & relaxing!! You are so lucky!!
Andrea Palumbo answered:
Thank you. So kind. It's been a labor of love for over 30 years.
mbrigdvm4407518 asked:
Beautiful! What part of the city?
Andrea Palumbo answered:
We live in Harahan, 5 miles down Miss. River from Uptown New Orleans. We are right off River Rd. on land that was once Soniat Plantation.
itsmamalo1141713 asked:
Beautiful My home in northeast tx should have much the same weather as there....do you have a list of plants you used
Andrea Palumbo answered:
Sorry I'm so late. Just noticed your reply. Thank you very much. This spot is a small piece of a larger puzzle. In the foreground is cast iron plant (Aspidistra) surrounding a cypress tree. The cascading hanging purple plant is a type of wandering jew (Tradescantia zebrina). Lower right foreground is Dragon Wing Begonia, which is actually in a pot. Behing begonia is Holly Fern. Beyond swing are 3 sasanqua camellia, aztec grass in front and a fig vine covered wood fence behind. Left of swing are banana trees. Shade tolerant annuals impatiens, torenia, etc in pots. I also use LOTS of caladiums (not seen). I'm glad to share!