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Project Description

What type of item is this? Plant or Flower How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy What are you most proud of? the fire pit area. it was a project that came completely out of my head. its hard to explain to your husband what your doing when you dont have a picture to show. but he helped, setting the block, and was my "advisor". he helped when i got stuck. but it was so much fun picking out the stone, setting the stone and cutting the stone! it turned out exactly as i envisioned it. i learned alot with this project. and mostly what i learned? is when you see something done on tv? in a single episode? that its not a "weekend" project. this took me almost a month to complete, start to finish. working every day after work. but know what? it was worth every minute. What advice would you give someone starting this project? have lots of patience and advil!

Q&A with zeke

tearsallgone asked:
very pertty...... this is great
zeke answered:
thanks. its my quiet corner in a crazy world!
mrputerz asked:
Nice - I love it..
zeke answered:
thank you. its a "never ending story"... new stuff gets added every year.
Deckfluff asked:
Love the mix of hosta you've used.
zeke answered:
thanks. i'm beginning to like hostas more and more. they seem to be something easy that i cant kill!
Littleone asked:
You have a beautiful garden and love your pond and fire pit.What are the tall white plants in the view from the road picture?
zeke answered:
if you are referring to the plants on the right of the photo, they are dappled willow bushes. their leaves turn a pink color in spring. My mother (from wi) suggested them to me. i was looking for some type of "screen"