Garden Project 2011

Project Description

How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy What are you most proud of? I am so proud of the dedication and motivation I have had putting this project together. I have had gardens in the past, but this one by far has been rewarding and a blessing. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do some research before diving right into a gardening project. This is what I have done and have learned so much. There are so many online sites that are very helpful and provide great gardening tips. Have a plan set in place (e.g., plant placement) before "digging'" into a gardening project. My first year of gardening wasn't as productive since I didn't research companion plants or spacing. Since my garden plot is limited with space I have introduced more container gardening this year. Also, since cucumbers and beans take up some space, so I am growing these plants up this year. :)

What you will need

  • Seeds that include tomato
  • peppers
  • corn
  • cucumbers
  • beans
  • peas
  • broccoli
  • watermelon
  • squash
  • lettuce
  • and herbs. I made some trellises and used some yarn to wrap around them to help the "viney" plants climb up instead of out. Containers that range from 5 gallon buckets to bushel baskets are used for container gardening. Some compost was added and a brick border was used to deter my dogs and other small animals from entering. :)

Q&A with Kathy Smith

betty douglas asked:
i love what you have done in such a small space
Kathy Smith answered:
Thanks so much, Betty!