Driveway Garden

Project Description

What type of item is this? Home Decor How would you describe the style of your project? Classic How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy How would you describe the style of your project? Traditional What are you most proud of? Whenever a plant flourishes in it's spot, I am delighted. I am usually moving plants, like most gardeners, when those flourishing plants out grow their spots or the nearby trees' canopy overtakes their sun space. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Our agent recommends removing the grass and tilling up and amending the entire area to be the chosen for the new flower bed, but I am basically lazy and have been trying to destroy body parts involved in doing such a laborious job. I therefore use the newspaper trick and amend each spot/plant as I go along and it has worked for me, and my parents as well, over the past many many years. Don't get me wrong, my instructor/Agent is one of the smartest people in her field, but I have also reaped the benefits after using the newspaper trick, which I saw in a landscaping magazine. I also used the newspaper to develop the flower bed before I planted any plants.

What you will need

  • Created new garden along driveway and at the end of driveway in order to have more flowers! Used wet newspapers over grass and then with each plant added
  • dug each hole individually instead of digging whole flower bed. The newspaper kills the grass for you. Added organic material and mulch on top.

Q&A with George22

lpinchin asked:
This is beautiful. We did the same newspaper trick in our front yard after putting in a new driveway and everything is flourishing. Happy gardening!
George22 answered:
Good to hear!