Crooked Fence Garden

Project Description

What type of item is this? Home Decor How would you describe the style of your project? Whimsical

What you will need

  • glasses
  • glass plates
  • glass dishes
  • etc....

Q&A with robbijaxs

shirleysh36901 asked:
what kind of glue did you use
robbijaxs answered:
A silicone based glue that dries clear! Make sure it's clear in the package and doesnt' just SAY it dries clear. It doesn't really matter because no one "examines" it but sometimes the glue shows! Have fun!! Glad you like it!
MotherK1 asked:
I just purchased one from Etsy for $30...Now I can make one!!...Thank you!!...Now just how high can you go & what kind of pole did you use to put it into the ground??...And where did you get the glue??...Thank you again!!
robbijaxs answered:
The best glue I have found is E6000 and it's available at the hardware store or at WalMart in the craft section. YOu can go as high as you want I guess; I usually limit myself to 7 pieces total. The pole is a piece of aluminum tent pole we had laying around; you can also use PVC pipe or a piece of treated lumber cut to a very small square post. HAve fun!!
MKUMeyer asked:
I have people wanting me to make them some glass yard art. Our summers get really hot so I'm worried about the glue holding up in 110 degree days. Do you know if it will?
robbijaxs answered:
I've not had any problem with it out in the sun...mine has been there for well over a year in eastern NC heat/humidity, a hurricane, and snow. If it breaks, it has served me well!!