1st Day of Summer

Project Description

What type of item is this? Plant or Flower How would you describe the style of your project? Traditional What are you most proud of? This yard was baren when we bought the house. It is now full of beautiful flowers, plants and trees. It feels and sounds like a bird and butterfly sanctuary everyday. Truely relaxing!

Q&A with Teresa Buchman

carol.wel34095 asked:
I want to know what you have planted with the clematis, those orange flowers are beautiful!! I want to plant those in my gaden and use your pattern.
Teresa Buchman answered:
It is Bee Balm. I have a different variety in another section of my garden that has smaller flowers that are blue instead of red. They really are a great flower. They can be dead headed and two more flowers will grow from the next leaf juncture below the original bloom.
Littleone asked:
Your garden is beautiful. I love the red Bee Balm and must get some as I only have blue.You have done a great job.
Teresa Buchman answered:
Thank you! I love seeing the hummingbirds coming to them! They skip the nectar feeder and go directly to the bee balm!
carolyncuttings asked:
Teresa Buchman answered:
Thank you!
Deckfluff asked:
Love you bee balm!!!!! (especially mixed with the deep purple flowers.)
Teresa Buchman answered:
Thank you. It really does make a nice combination.