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Explore step-by-step tutorials and tricks from the pros for vegan cooking, including all sorts of the best snacks and meals from breakfasts to desserts.

Magical Morsels: How to Make Homemade Chocolate Chips

Discover a handy hack for making homemade chocolate chips in your very own kitchen using just four ingredients you likely have on hand.

10+ Vegetarian Grilling Recipes for Your Next Barbecue

These awesome vegetarian recipes are cooked on the grill and are bound to make you a hit of a host. We've even included a few desserts! You'll be all ...

Rainbow Chard Breakfast Wraps

Have you ever thought to throw your favorite breakfast ingredients together and roll them up in a tortilla? How about using a giant chard leaf ...

Vegan Cooking Projects

Find inspiration for your next culinary endeavor. Enjoy vegan cooking projects from other home cooks, and share your own!

Vegan Cooking

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Vegan Salted Almond Brittle

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