What Not to do

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I know better when I start a new project with 61,000+ stitches, new needle and new bobbin, which I did. I also know my machine likes to be cleaned in the bobbin area after each project! Which is what I skipped. I know very well I will pay for it when I do that. Well just above her right hand are supposed to be 2 fish. The bobbin thread is coming up to the top of the fish and her arms are not good either, that is when I decided to take my emb unit off the machine and do what I should have done in the first place. I pulled the bobbin apart gave every thing a good cleaning and started everything up from where I left off. Obviously I did not have it lined up properly. So I just carried on and it was as test stitchout for future reference. It was not the design at fault it was me. After cleaning the embroidery was very nice. I will do it again and will post pictures when I am done. That will teach me!!

What you will need

  • Emb Machine
  • 6x10 hoop
  • 505 spray adhesive
  • cutaway stabilizer
  • Urban Threads
  • Mechanica Aquatica
  • marathon rayon emb thread.

Q&A with Nanna Val

Sarg asked:
Thank you for the tips. My machine is a Janome MC300e which I love to play with but I learned very quickly that it doesn't have a sensor to let me know when the bobbin thread runs out. Re-aligning the designs is a lesson in frustration too. All a learning experience though. I guess that's why we really appreciate it when things go right.
Nanna Val answered:
That is so true Sarge happy embroidering!:)