Tea Time for Little Bird Tea Towel

Project Description

What was your inspiration? My love for vintage embroidery designs

Q&A with Needle-n-me

Jacquie Sews asked:
I love embroidery. Very nice.
Needle-n-me answered:
Me too! Thank you!
teri rempel asked:
I Love this pattern!!! will you share the instructions and pattern?
Needle-n-me answered:
I had purchased this adorable pattern years ago from a website called Pattern Bee. I don't know if they still sell the pattern. I do not sell my vintage embroidery patterns because there are "rights" issues in which one could get in trouble for selling.
Bizylizzy asked:
so cute
Needle-n-me answered:
Thank you!
shazdove asked:
This tea towel would make one want to dry the dishes
Needle-n-me answered:
Thank you!