Subdued Embellished Purse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Giving a "new look" to a purse in a short amount of time. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to use completely different colors than the ones I set in the designs! These are the same designs used in the first session on the bright pink purse just done in various earth tones for a more subtle embellished result.

What you will need

  • This was a purse that I received as a "promotional item" from The Body Shop. It is a natural linen type material with a "shot" of gold sparkle. It is nicely lined with an interior pocket
  • so embroidering it in the traditional method would have required me to unstitch the lining and wrangle it into the hoop. In fact
  • to embroider this large of an area
  • I would have had to split open the side seam as well.

Q&A with Lisa Shaw

Baywinds asked:
Do I understand that you did not do any of the steps you list above? So it was stitched in small hoop still together as seen? Sorry, I am confused how you actually did this? Will this be covered i the class? Thanks
Lisa Shaw answered:
Correct - I did not unstitch the lining, split any seam, or wrangle it into the hoop. This is the first lesson in the Big Embroidery with a Small Hoop - using organza and creating the collage, this is one of my favorite "cheater methods" for embroidering difficult to hoop items.