Squeaky the fox

What you will need

  • I used a cotton print that had foot prints printed on it. The color was perfect and the prints made it look like a dirty fox. When I stuffed it
  • I added a dog toy squeaker. Of course my Lhasa Apso
  • Cooper
  • heard the squeak as I struggled to squeeze it into the toy. He had a very hard time being patient while I sewed together the opening. I will try to add a picture of him with the toy later. Right now he won't let me get near him because he is afraid I will take it away.

Q&A with Ruth aka Golda

Sue O'Very asked:
I am IN LOVE with this little fox dog toy. I never thought of doing this and that's what's GREAT about Craftsy ~ sharing of ideas! Can I ask where you got the squeeky parts? Way to go! Have a Creative Day, Sue
Ruth aka Golda answered:
Thanks! The replacement squeakers we got through Amazon, Downtown Pet Supply. This was the second Dog toy I made during the week, the other was a small teddy bear. I also am working on a stack of tiny teddy bears that will have catnip added to the stuffing. I don't have cats, but friends and family do. Oh, cooper slept with his toy last night, it is so cute.
ToniH asked:
He's sooo cute!!! Can you tell me who makes the bear claw fabric or where you got it from?
Ruth aka Golda answered:
It says Hancock fabric on the salvage. I got it a long time ago, like years and years ago. It is about time I use it. Thanks. Sorry I'm not a bigger help.
Ghlea asked:
Love the little paw prints! So sweet.
Ruth aka Golda answered:
Thanks! It's fun finding thing in the stash that works so perfectly.