Created by: Pam NZ

Punto Antico mat

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try it!

You Can Make This

Pam NZ made Punto Antico mat with:

  • Belfast 32 count linen and DMC #8 & 12 pearl cotton

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try it!

Q&A with Pam NZ

Pieceful1 asked:
Love your work!
Pam NZ answered:
Thank you!
Pamillia asked:
ou have.I just love linens & use them all the time in our home. This piece that you have created is Beautiful. What a gift you have. Thank you so much for sharing.
Pam NZ answered:
Thank you Pamillia... I am so pleased to hear you love and enjoy your linens and best of all, actually use them! Pet hate is hearing people say how much they love an embroidered piece but think its too good to use... so tuck it away and keep it safe but forget they're not getting the enjoyment out of it... my only problem is my house isn't big enough lol!
Julie Draws asked:
so pretty and delicate. You are a real artist!
Pam NZ answered:
Gosh thank you!
Caraline2 asked:
Ive bought books to teach me how to do this, but do you think I can get it, eyes are a bit out of focus for it now. love it. I have lots that were passed down to me, and my girls will get eventually, I admire all the work......
Pam NZ answered:
Where theres a will theres a way... I need glasses and a magnifier these days! If ever you want to give it another go and want some help, I'm here! And thats a serious offer BTW!
saleemah_2115547 asked:
Hello Pam, I am just starting to teach myself how to do Punto Antico. Which of Bruna's books would you recommend to start? Thanks! Saleemah
Pam NZ answered:
Oh WOW! I would normally expect to say start with Book 1 but as they have improved their photography and used coloured threads, the instruction details have improved so I would say Book 6 and Punto Antico Treasures in Mauve. Book 6 has clearer instructions for the Peahole border I've done on this mat... I love this border so much I think it's become my "trademark" LOL. Book 6 also covers lots of cut border type patterns and motifs, the Mauve book also has similar satin motifs but also covers some of the cut work patterns with bullions. It has a surprising amount of stitching detail in it, even tho it's small projects. I haven't got all the books, but I do have access to them all except Book 7... each book teaches something tantalizing and different... they would have to be my favourite embroidery books to just sit and flick thru! Happy stitching Saleemah... please keep in touch!

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