Project Description

What was your source for this embroidery project? Other Tell us more about what inspired you. I have been a crafter all my life. Everything from glue to paint. Cross stitch to knitting. Fabric to pottery. Needlepoint was my craft of choice in the 80's. I have tons of framed pieces all over the house. I burned out right after that, but when I saw this in a craft store about 5 years ago, I just had to have it! This really needs out and seen everyday. It's far to glorious to be put back in the cupboard.

Q&A with Sheila Zachariae

ariestherat asked:
This is stunning. Who made this kit & is it still available.
Sheila Zachariae answered:
Thank you! Oh gosh, I've had it so long ago I don't even remember. I'm sure I bought it at Hobby Lobby, if you are in the USA.
fjbrown2781550 asked:
Could you do this on an embroidery machine? fjbrown @troycable.net
Sheila Zachariae answered:
Oh my, I'm afraid I have no idea as I am not familiar with that type of machinery.