Created by: Golda Stein

No purple Dinosaur

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Golda Stein made No purple Dinosaur with:

In the Hoop Gifts

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In the Hoop Gifts

with Sue O'Very

  • I used fabric scraps from my stash. Since I didn't have any felt and I didn't intend to cover a key
  • I used the same fabric on the back as the front. I discovered that the dinosaur polo design (from Urban Threads) fits perfectly on the oval. I made all four in one hooping and tweaked the position so dinosaur was closer to the bottom and the eyelet closer to the top. My biggest problem was in trimming. I definitely need to get a smaller scissor. After using the fray check
  • I touched up the sides with a permanent marker (a hint I learned from someone a while back).

Q&A with Golda Stein

Sue O'Very asked:
OMG, I love these!!!!! Thank you sew much for sharing them. Do you sell these? How adorable :)
Golda Stein answered:
I got my embroidery machine for hobby only. I love making things as gifts, but I don't want to make money with it. There is only one of the dinos not spoken for right now. I am anxious to do the name tags.
GirlTornado asked:
How cute! I have never heard of a key cover until now. Very creative! Re: the small scissors. If you have nail scissors, try using those, I've used them in a pinch. But I must admit I bought a new pair of tiny scissors for sewing just the other day.... self-control was lost that day. LOL
Golda Stein answered:
Today, when I had time to try the next project, I pulled out: the tiny paper cutting scissors, thread snips (2 kinds), small embroidery scissors and my applique scissors to see which worked the best. The project was bigger so the applique scissors worked the best but I used the curved thread snips to clean up a few areas. No, that isn't all the scissors I have. My pride is my grandmothers, a Wiss that is over 100 years old.
GirlTornado asked:
Ok, so you guys are making me want to 1) buy several new sewing machines instead of just one (basic updated new one, embroidery, serger, etc, LOL) and 2) add to my sadly lacking scissor inventory! :-)
Golda Stein answered:
If your sewing machine does the basics well, like my old thing, hang onto it and just get the new ones. Yesterday we drove to Lincoln to a sewing vac shop to see about embroidery digitizing software. Which we ordered, which costs more than my embroidery machine. After we added a hundred dollars worth of sewing machine feet, stabilizers, needles and thread, I saw a small applique scissors. I was good. It will be there when we make the trek back to pick up the software. I didn't get my embroidery machine from a dealer and when I got it home, I had nothing but problems and no one to turn to. My suggestion, a good dealer makes a happier purchase. (My machine and I get along now.)