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My digitized flower

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hooraywesay made My digitized flower with:

Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs

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Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs

with Cookie Gaynor

  • muslin
  • stabilizer
  • embroidery thread

Q&A with hooraywesay

Cookie Gaynor asked:
You did a really nice job with digitizing the design elements. There is a wrinkling on the fabric that looks like it could be a stabilizer or fabric issue. Share a bit on the type of stabilizer used, and whether the fabric was cut on the grain or on the bias. It's my job to ask, as I want your design work to be showcased on the items you stitch on. Thank you for sharing and all of us have had a wrinkle or two. Cookie ;)
hooraywesay answered:
I used a very thin muslin cut on the grain and a lightweight cutaway. I honestly didn't think the design would stitch well, so I was careless with my hooping. I plan to make a few adjustments to the design's density as the flower petals were bulletproof and I'd like the feathering to be more dense. I will get it stitched and stabilized and post a picture this weekend if my teething baby allows me time to stitch!
Jo43 asked:
Congratulations! I have yet to tackle the digitizer. You must feel very proud of your achievement.
hooraywesay answered:
It's really intimidating at first. I've been digitizing for about a year, but mostly applique and small feltie designs. I am super excited about every new technique I learn! I am a bit of a geek about embroidery. I read, study, do everything to learn as much as I can. I really love it!

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