Created by: Cookie Gaynor

Monogram Pillow

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Cookie Gaynor made Monogram Pillow with:

Artistic Digitizing: From Inspiration to Stitch

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Artistic Digitizing: From Inspiration to Stitch

Taught by Cookie Gaynor

Q&A with Cookie Gaynor

anke506747279 asked:
Loved this project. Also the way you put the piping in. Thank you it was a great tip.
Cookie Gaynor answered:
I have a step by step of the piping insertion on my Youtube, just in case! Thank you so much ~Cookie
Enis Blizman asked:
Very classy and handsome. Love, love, love.
Cookie Gaynor answered:
Thank you!
SewHelpMe Now asked:
I'm interested in your class, Artistic Digitzing. When you do the letter portion, are you using an existing design or are you digitizing it as well? I'm looking for a class with more details about how to digitze fonts since the font I want is in a foreign language and not available. My problem is that I don't understand how to select the settings in the software to produce best possible stitching results. Does your class cover this?
Cookie Gaynor answered:
Yes, it does!