I did it! I got PE-Design Next to work!

What you will need

  • These are the results of working through the class
  • one lesson at a time. Yup
  • you can teach an old dog (tiger) new tricks. Thanks Cookie
  • without your class I would still be struggling. These are stitch outs on fabrics I had around. At times I will use a double layer of cheap organza without a stabilizer to test out a pattern. (I had to take a time out to embroider a Jedi symbol on a shirt for my grandson and this time I didn't have to buy the pattern!)

Q&A with DeCoy Tigerpaw

Cookie Gaynor asked:
Yay! great work...
DeCoy Tigerpaw answered:
I have your next class, but I am working on some other projects at the same time. So much fun! Too many other things get in the way.