Cutwork Bags

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Hard to decide if it adding the button hole to the embroidery pattern or how I was able to combine a new skill with an old one on the big bag. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have fun. And, post your projects to encourage others.

What you will need

  • I used quilted cotton fabrics for the bags. The plaid bag was leftover pre-quilted fabric that I had used for making a jacket. The other two bags I quilted the cotton fabrics. I used a gripper for the plaid bag. With the light colored bag
  • I added a button hole to the embroidery design
  • the easiest button hole application ever. The two small bags
  • were easy. Then I did the big bag. Doing the quilting and the embroidering was a breeze. I even boxed the corners. For me
  • the hardest part was the finishing. First I didn't like what I had available for the handle. I wanted a shoulder strap. So
  • I went to the fabric store and found a cord that was 12 feet long and too thin to be useful. So
  • I pulled out my lucet and got busy. The handle ended up being just a little bit over one foot
  • but with that close of a match in color
  • I happily settled for it. The closure I picked out just looked awful
  • a black button. I ended up using fusible Velcro. To me it worked just perfectly. About the lucet. It is a simple tool used for making cords and ropes. The earliest ones found have come from the Viking era.

Q&A with Ruth aka Golda

Evy Hawkins asked:
Those are beautiful! So nicely done :-) Bravo!!!!
Ruth aka Golda answered:
flyingbear asked:
Your projects are sweet! I love the idea of adding a buttonhole to the embroidery. Great idea...
Ruth aka Golda answered:
Some things are easier to do than you think, and this was one.
MN Marvel asked:
Awesome - thanks for sharing!
Ruth aka Golda answered:
You're welcome!