Coat hanger cover

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The lace really adds to the charm of this project. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I added an iron on pellon to the fabric to add a cushion like feel to it.

What you will need

  • bleached calico

Q&A with Katammy

Julieannabell asked:
Kammy what machine did you use. I'd love to chat to you too! I live in Adelaide SA. Only if your interested. Julieannabell
Katammy answered:
Hi there I use an old bernina artista 170 , I am in Victoria a couple of hours out of Melbourne
Julieannabell asked:
Ps I forgot to say I love your project!!! I would be interested in knowing how you made it. Will consider paying for the pattern too! Julieannabell.
Katammy answered:
I created a pdf of this project for DesignsBySick some time ago you can google "coat hanger with pot pourri" and download for FREE . The design I created in bernina's software but you can use a simple design for applique
Jeanie Jones asked:
still searching for the heart pattern to embroider on my machine...anyone know where that can be found? I sent a ticket, but no replies yet. or maybe I just don't know where to find the answer to myticket
Katammy answered:
Hi I made the heart in a program (digitise) you can use any appliqu design and cut away fabric and add organza then continue with the design Hope this helps
Dorrie B asked:
The heart is just the right shape for the coat hanger:- sort of wide but not high. Love it. How can I get the design for the heart. Would love to make that hanger. The lace really just sets it off. Perfect. Dorrie in Australia
Katammy answered:
I made the heart using the computer program, if I new how to put it up on crafty for sale I would
gnq asked:
thank you. I wondered hoe to give it some body.
Katammy answered:
I used an iron on Pellon on the fabric and just before closing put in some scraps of cheap wadding in