Bird sitting on flowers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Finishing it! When I was young I seldom actually finished any project and my cupboards very quickly filled up with bits and pieces of abandoned embroidery. I shall never live long enough to finish everything I've started! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Choose your colours carefully and enjoy embroidering it. Sorry, but I can't give any information about the pattern as it's long since been lost or disposed of! In any case, it would by now be long out of print.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • DMC or Anchor embroidery floss.

Q&A with patz in suffolk

sewno6373 asked:
Love your bird looks a taperistry.
patz in suffolk answered:
It's just "freestyle" embroidery - stem stitch, french knots, etc, etc ... The sort of thing we learn when we're little girls (or at least, we used to - haven't seen any little girls doing it lately!!!)
Pam NZ asked:
Beautifully stitched! Love your colours too. Not that easy tho, you may have had instructions to follow as far as which stitch to use but its in your hands as to whether or not they turn out beautiful. I'm envious, I'm a stitcher but I struggle with free form stitching... put me in a box and I can fill it with counted stitches but take away the counting and I'm a fish out of water so I really appreciate this style of stitching.
patz in suffolk answered:
My childhood was much occupied in embroidering useless items like chairbacks and traycloths with ladies in crinoline dresses and flowers. I don't think I EVER finished anything though, much to
judy messinger asked:
How do I print off pattern?
patz in suffolk answered:
I don't honestly think you can, Judy. Sorry! This pattern was a transfer in a book of several projects, all with transfers. It was bought many years ago, probably in the 70s, so it's almost certainly out of print.
Za Manaf asked:
wow....a real masterpiece! Gorgeous :)
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, ZaZa!
cindyj6492 asked:
WOW...thats all I can say!!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you. I remember I embroidered the whole thing without using a frame. It's surprising that it came out flat in the end!