Baby Train Birth Record

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love being able to give the new parents a unique handmade gift that they can cherish to commemorate the new addition to the family. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you're particular about perfect framing, and you don't have that talent, have it done professionally. I'm not that talented in that arena, so mine often come out just a bit off, but I'm accepting of that. . . . professional framing is expensive.

What you will need

  • Commercially produced counted cross-stitch kit.

Q&A with angeleyes777

craftycraftynana asked:
Love the colors! Nice work.
angeleyes777 answered:
Thank you so much! asked:
being a "little bit off" is not a bad thing. gives it personality. Besides, I am a little bit off and my friends still like me. lol...lovely cross stittch work.
angeleyes777 answered:
Thank you for the lovely words, and the little giggle too! I think it's more fun when we'ere all a little bit off. :) asked:
my family would probably tell you I am waaaay more than a little off. lol.. by the way, where did you find the kit for this. I have a great grand son due in Jan and this would fit his nursery.
angeleyes777 answered:
I just checked, and it's on sale right now at for just $9.59 (plus shipping). I believe I picked mine up on Ebay, as I can often find better prices there than anywhere else. Right now, the listings there are as low as $13.99. Once upon a time, I saw it at Michaels, but my store doesn't carry these kits any more. Congratulations on your great grand son coming soon! :)