3 D Flower Made Entirely In the Hoop!

What you will need

  • Organza fabric
  • embroidery thread
  • water soluble stabilizer

Q&A with Cookie Gaynor

SewNSan asked:
This is so beautiful! I"ve been looking for projects like this & can't wait to try it! Thank you Cookie.
Cookie Gaynor answered:
It is really simple with just a few basic tips included in the lesson and then you can apply it to many projects. Thank you for the compliment!
bvmartinez asked:
What software are you using?
Cookie Gaynor answered:
This lesson of the class is demonstrated on PE Design for this. This same process can be accomplished with Bernina, Pfaff, Viking, Embird, Art and Stitch, Stitch Artist, and more. I encourage all students include the software they are working with to ensure detailed answers based on his or her particular software :) Would love to know what your favorite software is...