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Free Pattern Friday: Sewing, Quilting, Knitting & More

By Karen Kelty
Free Knitting PatternHappy Friday! Let's kick off the weekend with another roundup of fantastic free patterns from talented independent designers from all over the world! From a fashionable, figure-flattering dress, to an adorable knit scarflette, a stunning pendant, and more, download your favorites now! Read more »

5 Tips for Decorating Quilts With Embroidery

By Angela Mitchell
Quilt with EmbroideryBy definition, embroidery is the process of adding decorative designs onto fabric by hand or machine. Many quilters like to add embroidery to their work. Before starting your next project, check out these 5 tips for embroidering on quilts. Read more »

How to Stitch a Word Cloud

By Marjorie Busby
Machine Embroidered Word CloudHave you seen those really cute graphics that have words fitted inside a shape? I have seen that done in machine embroidery and wanted to see if I could create my own word cloud using my basic embroidery software and my embroidery machine. It worked! Here's how I did it. Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Quilts, Knits, Jewelry & More

By Karen Kelty
Free Quilting PatternTGIF! Let's once again celebrate the end of a great week with another roundup of fabulous free patterns created by talented independent designers from around the world! From a summery knit top to a cute crocheted headband, a bold beaded necklace, and more, download your favorite patterns now! Read more »

Fringing Around With Machine Embroidery

By Marjorie Busby
FringeMaking fringe using the embroidery machine opens up some unique three-dimensional opportunities for all kinds of projects from art quilts to embroidery on clothing. And it is so easy to do! Enjoy a quick tutorial on machine embroidery for fringe, and find out about available designs. Read more »

Cuteness Overload: 12 Pet-Inspired Projects That Will Make You Smile

By Craftsy
Your pets deserve the best! So why not create a handmade gift especially for them or a project inspired by the joy they bring you every day? Discover 12 cute ideas for crafts you can create based on your love for your pet. Then, show off your handmade pet projects by joining the #PetProjects Contest! Learn how here. Read more »

How to Make Machine Embroidered Doll Hair

By Marjorie Busby
Machine Embroidered Doll HairHandmade dolls are wonderful treasures for boys and girls. Adding hair to handmade dolls can take a lot of time if the yarn is hand stitched onto the doll. I wanted to make a doll quickly, so I set out to make hair using my embroidery machine. And now that I've tried it, I'd like to share the technique with you. Read more »

Machine Embroidered Prairie Points

By Hope Yoder
Machine Embroidered Prairie PointsIn the hoop is what most embroiderers want to do for fun, so today's post is all about making an in the hoop project quickly and easily. Have you heard about prairie points? Prairie points are a decorative trim used in the quilting world to embellish the edge of quilts, pillows or wall hangings. Make them the traditional way or use your embroidery software program to make them ITH. Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Quilting, Sewing, Knitting & More

By Craftsy
Free Sewing PatternJoin us in celebrating the end of another wonderful week. Get ready to have a creative weekend with this fresh roundup of free patterns created by independent designers around the world! From a breezy summer knit tee, to a cut cat handbag, to a creative colorful cross-stitch, and more, download the free patterns you like now! Read more »

Not Your Grandmother’s Jeans

By Hope Yoder
Embroidered PocketsI have always loved the look of machine embroidered jeans and remember a time when you could hardly find plain jeans in stores. That was many years ago when embellished jeans were all the rage. While fashion trends come and go, the good trends we all love eventually come around again, reinvented. Read more »