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What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. This is a possible solution for the perspective of the roof on the foremost building in Mewzikgal's "Evening in the Country." The first step was to find the eye-level line. This was done by some assumptions: the initial one is assuming the roof on the other building was an accurate perspective projection. NB- the red vanishing lines converging on the left. Where they met is the vanishing point of the roof and also indicated where the eye-level line is [It may be of use to review Lesson 1, starting at 10:30 sec]. Then I drew an eye-level line [black horizontal line] and wanted to establish a vanishing point for one set of edges for the roof. I used the bottom of the building, the angle of it at the ground, to establish that point - and siding, windows [red vanishing lines on the right]. Using the information provided in the drawing I extrapolated the rest of roof's edges. Also, the siding and the windows were redrawn. Is the piece for sale? No

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Q&A with Patrick Connors

Mewzikgal asked:
Wow, I finally get it! Thank you so much for taking time from your busy life to show me! I am going to do it over incorporating your suggestions. I wish you offered more Craftsy classes! (hint, hint!). When I graduated from high school I attended The Art Institue of Chicago but quit after 1 year to get married (over 35 years ago). I have always regretted that!
Patrick Connors answered:
You are welcome. From the drawings you have posted here it seems that you are doing an impressive job making up for lost time. I look forward to seeing the drawing incorporating the suggestions.
SticksStudio asked:
Thanks so much for the guidance on the logic of how to proceed when you think something is not quite right with a drawing. This helps me as well. Question: would the line at the base of the plane facing more toward artist, the base of the larger structure also be redrawn to the vanishing point on the left? Or would the plane be considered parallel to the picture plane as with 1-point perspective. Still think this is really hard.
Patrick Connors answered:
Hello SticksStudio, Pleased to read that this image has been of use. Your question[s] are very good. To properly solve this, one would need to determine the angular relationship of the building's planes to the Picture Plane in Plan [Bird's eye view]. In this example, I imagine that the buildings's front planes are parallel and would converge to the same VP's. [I did not correct or amend the front plane. Perhaps, I should have?] That being said, it is conceivable that they are not parallel and that would mean that they would have two different sets of VP's.
jamread1662549 asked:
Patrick, thank you for preparing this practical application of perspective. It helped me better understand how to apply perspective, and I am sure others as well. I made a copy for easy referral. I look forward to all your helpful responses.
Patrick Connors answered:
Thank you for the comment jamread, always pleased to read that my instruction is of use.