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Drawing Facial Features

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Drawing Facial Features

with Gary Faigin

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What type of piece is this? Drawing

Q&A with Pedro Cardoso

radfordla1889569 asked:
Very nice I like the expression in the eyes and the texture of her hair and wispy bangs
Pedro Cardoso answered:
Thanks! To be honest -- even though I do like some aspects of this drawing (hend posting it here), I feel the eyes are assimetrical, and the features are not as clearly set as I would like. But I'm working on that, and this video course has been helping tremendously. I'll post some newer portraits soon, to show how my drawing has evolved after going through this course! See you, Pedro
TonyD asked:
I Really like the pose and you really nailed the angles and proportions. The eyes are so expressive and the fact that they are asymmetrical works -- it makes the subject look like the grin is showing in her eyes. I wonder if more value shifts in the face would have given the portrait more depth.n
Pedro Cardoso answered:
Thanks for the kind words! I've been posting my latest portraits on my "Graphic Portraits" Facebook page, in case you're curious to see the developments in my drawing. This year I decided to get serious about portrait drawing even if it takes 1,000 attempts before I start getting it just "right"(which it probably will). Youre absolutely right in your analysis you know- when I drew this last year I was only just starting to discern values... now this drawing things looks rather clumsy to me, which I guess is a good thing. :-) It's amazing how much continuous practice will change your eyes!
Diane Contini asked:
Pedro, I love your other the crybaby yours?
Pedro Cardoso answered:
Hello there! You're quite right, they eyes are too far apart :-) back then I hadn't started to notice that all-important element of likekness. The crying woman is my version of a drawing in the amazing book by Gary Faigin "The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression". Check it out, it's a fundamental read for anyone interested in drawing expressive people! I keep coming back to this book and learning new things all the time.