Poject 2- Point Vincent Lighthouse

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. pencils: hb, 2b, 4,b, 6b, blending stump, pencil eraser What are you most proud of? I'm glad that I finished this drawiing. As I look around to pick one of landscape picture which I took this summer. The Point Vincent Lighthouse look perpect one but I was so worried about the so many details of cliffs and how I draw lines of cliffs in terms of figuring out tones. Well, as I a beginner, the best way to this kind of landscape is copying it exactly! For projects, mostly I will draw them from my pictures due to disabilty. I'm a paraplegia who defined in a wheelchair for the last 30 years. But I will try a couple of drawing go out and give it a best shots!! I still smell the scent of ocean and feel the tickling touch of sea winds that came to me while drawing this.

What you will need

  • Graphite

Q&A with Joseph Choi

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello Joseph Choi, Thank you for posting your 2nd project. Before commenting on it, please let me know that you read and understood the comments I made on your first project. Look forward to hearing from you.
Joseph Choi answered:
I did not read you comment and I made same mistakes which you pointed out for the 2nd project. I found your comment after uploading it! I know what mistakes are and I won't repeat them. I have. Been to Bishop catching fall colors and have been busy editing And uploading them to my photo blog! I watched lesson .4 which U introduced Abellian ? and do I need to redraw one of project using the new tool?

Skill Level