Peck's Great Adventure! Storyboards

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. This is the storyboard of my book about Peck, a chicken, that would love to fly. The drawings are a bit rough. But I want to get your feedback on flow and if you like the idea. etc. I am not sure if I will do mixed media for the entire pages or maybe just sketch lightly in the background. I do love colors.... Is the piece for sale? No

What you will need

Q&A with Julene_

Shadra Strickland asked:
Julene, congrats on getting the idea down on paper! I am having a hard time reading some of the text. Would you mind sending it to me at craftsy@shadrastrickland.com? You can also just type out the story for us to read here on the platform.
Julene_ answered:
I haven't written the story yet. The general overview: Peck the chicken wants to learn to fly. Her and her friends travel to different places in search of how to fly. She encounters a kite, a trampoline and then a balloon. They all make her fly, but not in the way she would love to fly. Her friends help and encourage her throughout the book. In the end, large red butterflies gently lift Peck and her friends... they do fly. It's cute, but not sure if it's a GREAT story. I am welcome to your critique and honest opinion.