Panama City Beach

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. Paper: 9" x 12" Impressions Artist Book medium weight white drawing paper. Used to be white; it's old so it's kind of yellowed. I like it because it's wire bound and the pages are perforated. Pencils: General's Layout Extra Black No. 555 General's Charcoal 557-2B med and General's Semi-hex Drawing no. 497 B. Kneaded eraser and Factis extra soft white eraser.

What you will need

  • Graphite

Q&A with TerriStr

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello TerriStr, Welcome to Perspective and Landscape Drawing; and congratulations on your first drawing post. It was good to provide a digital image of the scene you sketched. Could you also tell everyone a little bit more: size and type of paper, pencils used [hardness & brand]? The strongest ideas of the space is give in the foreground and middle ground. The post in the foreground are scaled and placed to give the viewer an idea of not only the recession but the decline of the ground plane. This is confirmed by the tonal quality which get less dark as it moves away from the eye. The footprints in the sand are good and help lead the eye into the middle ground. The ocean or sea is less successful. Part of this is due to the reflective property of water, it makes the reading and depiction of that plane difficult. One thing that is of use is to make the horizon of the water level, do not have it tilt one way or the other. Perceptually this is what we do as humans, we are constantly looking for orientation of space primarily by a level horizontal. Also, the tonal aspect of the ocean's plane is not as carefully considered as the rest of the drawing. This creates a confusion about the space. If you like drawing down by the beach, try another view looking out on the ocean. In this drawing use the drawing tools and see if that does not help.
TerriStr answered:
Well you are so right. I spent a long time trying to get those posts right and no time at all with the water. I'm fine with calling it "she scribbled in the water." I am working on the same scene for my second drawing and the first thing I did was decide that the horizon needed to be level.

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