Created by: ArtistByNatureJ

Not An Apple

Q&A with ArtistByNatureJ

LucyMBK asked:
Loved it! Very nice :)
ArtistByNatureJ answered:
Thank you
Lisa Dinhofer asked:
look for color in your darks. the pepper is great
ArtistByNatureJ answered:
I used blue, red and grey mostly for the darks. Thanks.
mikesweeneymedia asked:
ArtistByNatureJ answered:
Deb Hatton asked:
awesome ! can I ask how you did the highlights on the side of the pepper I wondered if it was white gouache ? also the white highlight round the base did you use a blade to scratch out the fine highlight? Its a wonderful piece of art your clearly very talented and as a beginner I am interested in learning how these effects are achieved :)
ArtistByNatureJ answered:
Masking fluid to block off the highlights, no blades on this one. I just refrained from adding color to those areas. Good luck and have fun!