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What type of piece is this? Drawing Please describe the type of work. photo Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. this is the photo that I used for the first landscape project Is the piece for sale? No

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Q&A with catalina papadia

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello catalina papadia, Welcome to Perspective in Landscape Drawing. Congratulations on the posting of your first drawing for the course. Also, thank you for the information about the reference image, your drawing experience, and material. You did a fine first landscape drawing, and garnered a response from okart 730 [Thank you okart for the encouraging words]. I am going back to your original post to comment on the drawing.
catalina papadia answered:
Hello Patrick, Thank you very much for the comments and especially for the encouragement! I need a lot of that. I've seen many beautiful drawings posted by my classmates and read your comments that in fact extended the instruction ...It is a great way of learning! I don't have much to ask you right now since I am complete beginner. I understood the Albertian veils instruction and remembered that my teacher showed us the same drawing of Duhrer demonstrating the use of it. It makes things a lot easier to figure out. The thing is that I am very shy and I have hard time just going outside and start drawing if there are people around. I guess I should work a little on this issue also.:) Thanks again!