Lake at Stonewell Cottage

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What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. 110 gsm Drawing Paper, assorted pencils -HB, B, 2B. What are you most proud of? That I was able to filter out the colour and just concentrate on the various tones in order to draw the scene. The reflections of the scrubby trees and plants were the most difficult for me. Thankfully there was almost no breeze and most of the abundant bird-life were elsewhere, so the water was quite smooth.

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Q&A with AdhillsGal

Patrick Connors asked:
Dear Adhills Gal, Your several drawings posted all convey your pleasure in these views, As you noted in this last project, you succeeded in focusing on this as a tonal exercise. Could you include one more piece of information: size of the paper? Also, have you used the tools discussed in Lesson 2 yet? Please respond and we can discuss this drawing further.
AdhillsGal answered:
Sorry for the delay in responding Patrick. The sketchbook is A4 size ( approx 8.5" x 11.75"). Yes I did use my viewfinder L's. I did two rough drawings to road test the best composition and decided on the one submitted because I felt that it may invite the viewer to ponder what scene lay around the other side of the scrub covered point.
Patrick Connors asked:
One more thing, you will find it of use if the border is a light midtone and completely toned, in short no white showing. Check Lesson 2 at 3:45 minutes for an example of the tone.
AdhillsGal answered:
Thanks Patrick. I will pay more attention to the borders in future. :-)
bnorris571598466710 asked:
AdhillsGal answered:
Thank you :)

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