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country road #2

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Perspective in Landscape Drawing

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Perspective in Landscape Drawing

with Patrick Connors

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What type of piece is this? Drawing

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Patrick Connors asked:
Hello Lorettaje, In regards to the space, what an improvement. Your first drawing was good but this really renders the depth as one goes from the foreground, through the middle ground, and finally to the furthest depths. You improved not only the detail of the barb wire but nearly all to detail diminishes relative to its depth. You learnt alot from this, what was the biggest aid to this improvement? Perhaps, it was the border, the Albertian Veil, or just thinking more about the space, or all of the above? One observation that several of you have made or implied is that even though you are concentrating on the depth other things, like the trees [compare those depicted here to those in your first project], will almost take care of themselves.
lorettaje164741 answered:
Thank you so much. I feel encouraged. I am working on my second landscape. What I'm not sure about is if it should be just a light scatch or more complete. Thanks for your help.