bridge stroll

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. graphite pencil What are you most proud of? getting all the lines pointing in the correct direction to make it look acurate. the vanishing point seemed to change as the buildings went further down the river. What advice would you give someone starting this project? look at the pic from a distance sometimes

Q&A with ruka

cylh asked:
What a beautiful drawing. What wonderful details. Thank you for posting it.
ruka answered:
thanks artistecylh! it's nice to hear- sometimes I get lost in looking for the problem spots :)
Patrick Connors asked:
Welcome back ruka, Congratulations on posting another successful drawing. Not only is the direction of the lines contributing to the expression of pictorial depth; but, also, the rendering of the values is successful. The range of tones- from silver to soot- convey an atmospheric appreciation of the scene.It may have helped explained that the right-side buildings have a general tone to explain that they are in shadow. By the way, was this drawing done on slightly yellow paper? Or does it look yellow in the reproduction? Also, what are the dimensions of the drawing? What was the reference for this? A lot of a questions for you but a wonderful drawing nonetheless. I look forward to seeing the post of your next drawing.
ruka answered:
thanks much for the feedback! The drawing was done on white paper in my 11 x 14" sketchbook. For some reason the picture of the drawing came out yellow. I drew this from a photo I took from a visit to Alsace a France last year.
jamread1662549 asked:
This is just delightful to me. I should like to know where it is in this world. I love the reflections in the river as well as the buildings. Thank you for sharing your work.
ruka answered:
thank you! they have this beautiful river going around the city of Strasbourg France. such picturesque bridges and buildings.