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Created by: SistyKay

Amish Farm Scene

What type of piece is this? Drawing Is the piece for sale? No

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SistyKay made Amish Farm Scene with:

Perspective in Landscape Drawing

Online Class

Perspective in Landscape Drawing

with Patrick Connors

  • Graphite

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Is the piece for sale? No

Q&A with SistyKay

Patrick Connors asked:
[criticism continued] The fabric should be darker about half way between what it is now and the value of the opening. Last, please note the dark value under the buggy. The buggy and the ground do not have any "reason" that dark moment. Lighten it somewhat since it is a cast shadow and continue it to the left since the scene is being lit with the sun at above and to the right. By darkening or placing a line around it, as is around the shirt on the clothes line you will flatten that immediate space unless the tonal structure can support the line. All-in-all, well done. I look forward to the posting of your next drawing.
SistyKay answered:
I realize that it is hard to see what this actually is in the drawing, but it is not a hedge, but another clothes line - the back line having all dark clothes on it - the blue of the Amish pants and dresses. I think I'll do this over and put clothes on both lines that are both dark and white, and make the lines run to the middle post on the porch which would take the line of vision away from the top left corner of the buggy. Also I think the ground plane is too dark even though in the photo the green grass is a darker mid-tone.
needeler asked:
I like your drawing very much but my eye is drawn to the building & hedge but the focus I think you mean to draw viewers eyes to are the wheels.
SistyKay answered:
It is not actually a hedge but a second clothesline. It is confusing and because the clothes on that line were the dark blue of the Amish costume, it was difficult to make it look clotheslineish. Should have put some white & blue on both lines and then the back line would not have been such a strong aspect.