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Albertian Veil drawing

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Perspective in Landscape Drawing

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Perspective in Landscape Drawing

with Patrick Connors

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Is the piece for sale? No

Q&A with swonny3891629

Patrick Connors asked:
Welcome back Swonny, Congratulations, this depiction of the greenhouse is markedly improved from the last drawing it has dimension and conveys an illusionistic structure. Greenery is generally more difficult to depict but in this too there is improvement. The foliage and greenery nearest the greenhouse is the most convincing and becomes less so as things apporach the bottom of the page. I am curious, did you use your Cone of Vision Tool? The reason I ask is because that could help with the spatial depiction and subsequently the greenery. Another consideration is to have a bit less foreground and that will give you a bit more above the greenhouse. All-in-all, well done. I look forward to seeing the post of your next assignment.
swonny3891629 answered:
I did not use the cone of vision Truth be told I just made it last week. I will use it next time. Thanks for your comments and encouragement