Abandoned Lighthouse

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. 21x34cm white paper, pencils(B2 to B 11),several types erasers, Albertian veil, composing L's. What are you most proud of? house, lighthouse, spatial placement of items, has improved What advice would you give someone starting this project? Practice,practice,practice...

Q&A with zwiegea3511097

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello zwiegea, Congratulations on posting another drawing assignment and one that depicts a sound spatial structure. [Please pardon the delay in responding to this image. I recently responded to another of your images, The Plan of your House and surrounding property but it disappeared from the posts. In looking for it I inadvertently lost the commentary for this one. It follows here.]
zwiegea3511097 answered:
Patrick, I removed the plan as its quality looked poor, I understand the value of the overhead view, and will use it in the future..
Patrick Connors asked:
Hello zwiegea, Your observation about being proud of the lighthouse, building and spatial placement is correct. In addition to those components, this image has a neat compositional device which invites the viewer into the space: The foreground post. Generally, it is rather dicey to place such key elements on an edge of the picture; but, in this instance, it works. There is a degree of trompe l'oeil in the post which isolates it somewhat in its own pictorial space but the rope attached to it cancels that. Be careful with the quality of line as a means to describe space. In some areas, for example the bottom of the main building and its walls, the line is too dark or decisive. This makes it come forward an go flat. The same with some of the tones, for example, the two large windows in that building, could have been less dark. All-in-all, well done. Your perseverance has paid off handsomely. I see that you have posted another image. I look forward to commenting on that soon.
zwiegea3511097 answered:
Thank you very much, your comments are appreciated and valued!