Abandoned House Preliminary Sketch

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. For lack of any inspiring outdoor subjects to sketch I choose this photo of an abandon house because I thought that the perspective would be a challenge.....I was right! Especially the dormers, they are still not correct. I can't figure out if or where there are any reference points to use in which to gauge there correct angles. I have already gained a lot of insight about perspective while trying to plot out this house. For instance, Without using the vanishing points to find the correct angles I would never have guessed these angles were so severe. For this project I used Creative Mark, Reflections spiral bound field sketch book with 70 lb cream paper. Wolff's carbon 2 and 2B, F, H and Draughting pencils. Is the piece for sale? No What are you most proud of? That I finally figured out the scale of this house in order to have it appear similar to the picture. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Probably the course "The Art and Science of Perspective" would be helpful in learning how to draw building. I've signed up but decided to tackle this class before starting it.

What you will need

  • Graphite

Q&A with spowers1925580

Patrick Connors asked:
[criticism continued] This is a useful thing to do to bring things forward and to give them a specificity; but, you may have overdone it. In this type of detail one needs to be selective, a bit less detail and only in places that you feel contributes to the spatial understanding or one needs to carefully and meticulously diminish the detail throughout the entire composition. As regards the dormers and other perspective concern of the building, it appears that all is, spatially-structured, good. Did you "shoot" this photograph? If so, you have a good deal of information about how to set up a perspective diagram: essentially the eye-level line and main vanishing points. If you did not, you can still figure it out although it may take a bit longer. Either way, you successfully figured this out on your own. Thank you for sharing the information on materials, method, and insights. I look forward to seeing the post of your next assignment.
spowers1925580 answered:
Thank you Patrick for the critic. I will use the information to complete the finished drawing. I didn't shoot the picture, I found it on a site called abandoned houses. Question are there any points in which to reference the positioning of the dormers or do you just have to wing it as to their placement?