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Created by: Jo la Fleur

3 Roses

You Can Make This

Jo la Fleur made 3 Roses with:

Light & Shading With Colored Pencils

Online Class

Light & Shading With Colored Pencils

with Cynthia Knox

Q&A with Jo la Fleur

Cynthia Knox asked:
Robin, this looks fabulous! Each petal is individually beautiful, and they all come together into this vibrant and gorgeous piece. Great job with the blending, with the highlights, midtones, and values, and great job with the detail! If I may suggest one small thing -- take your Stabilo Black pencil (that dastardly dangerous one) and color in the little white specks primarily on the right side. I think it will complete the piece for you without those little distractions. So proud of you with all these pieces you have been doing!
Jo la Fleur answered:
Thanks ever so Cynthia. too frightened to go back with the dangerous pencil or fixative so went over the black with black pan pastel very carefully. some whites still not gone but does look a bit better. At this point I think it is best left alone before my jerky hands mess it up again haha!!!
Cynthia Knox asked:
Brilliant thinking! Yes, that pencil can do some damage if we're not careful. Your piece looks STUNNING, and I'm so very impressed with your skills at all these artworks. You have been a wonderful student and are an excellent artist. Thanks for taking my class. :)
Jo la Fleur answered:
Hi Cynthia. Thank you for your kind praise. I have enjoyed learning from you. Yes I will be framing the piece. Everyone loves it and on pencil artists FB I have been encouraging a couple of people who are doing your class and of course advising them about the dreaded stabilo and to be extra careful with it haha. Next onto pet portraits with Gemma. But I have plans to carry on with flowers in the future. Robin

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