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Created by: Happypainting

"what's In My Sketch Books"

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Happypainting made "what's In My Sketch Books" with:

Perspective in Landscape Drawing

Online Class

Perspective in Landscape Drawing

with Patrick Connors

Q&A with Happypainting

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello Happypainting, Thank you for sharing what you are doing. Your enthusiasm for making art is impressive. Continue to draw and fill your sketch books.
Happypainting answered:
Thank you for your encouragement. I actually have never looked up anything in depth perception bc I guess I just thought there was nothing that could be done and it is not something I really thing about much until a 3D movie comes out that everyone is talking about how amazing it is, hens, to me it looks just like a fuzzy movie lol. I really do appreciate the time you spent in research for me and I will take look as well. I have always worried about it a little in my art bc I have no way of telling if it is not right. I was thinking the other day and had a thought that maybe this problem would actually help me more bc this is the way I see the world as well. To my eyes the world is flat and I use color, size and shadow constantly to see distance. Of course I was born this way so I do this automatically without even knowing that is what I'm doing. Also I was not trying to bother you about response to my question or projects, I was concerned that maybe I was doing something wrong. Happypainting Natalie.