Project Description

What was your source for this piece? Other Tell us a little more about your inspiration. Part of a series of drawing I did for an What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. This was drawing in charcoal on grey canson paper 55cm by 75cm. It took about 4 weeks to complete. The subjects name is Daniel and he is an indigenous Australian. Is the piece for sale? Yes Name of website or online shop www.raycoffey.com.au

What you will need

  • Charcoal

Q&A with Ray Coffey

KristeeMaysCreative asked:
Really cool. Love it! Especially the hair.
Ray Coffey answered:
great work on your piece. really nice style to the portrait.
Lucielovely asked:
this is amazing ! how do you get the skin texture ? mine always ends up looking smooth.
Ray Coffey answered:
thanks. I just spend a lot of time on each piece like this. I make some of the edges of the highlights end abruptly so you don't get a smooth edge. hope that helps.
Frida1964 asked:
Was it from a photo?
Ray Coffey answered:
Hi Frida. The drawing reference is a photo. Each drawing takes me around 4 weeks to complete.
aermet3468039 asked:
How do you get the skin to look so smooth and realistic with no evidence of drawing lines?
Ray Coffey answered:
Just shading and blending. Starting off with willow charcoal and then going onto Generals pencils. Using my finger and blending stumps to blend and smooth. The drawing are quite big. 70cm by 55cm. hope that answers your question
artandmoore@comcast.net asked:
What is a good starting point
Ray Coffey answered:
good reference. even if you are the best painter in the world if your reference is poor so will your artwork.