#3 Drawing

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. rendered from Photo. pen and ink. 9X12 cold press Arches paper, 1.5 inch border on each side. Drawing size 6X9 Is the piece for sale? Yes Name of website or online shop message me

What you will need

  • Pen & Ink

Q&A with ccapewell

Patrick Connors asked:
Welcome back ccapewell, You have posted another wonderful rendering. It is impressive how large a space is conveyed and the actual drawing dimensions. There is not much to comment on with two exceptions. First, the tonal structure confirming the distance in one area: The two trees on the right. The further of the two should be somewhat less dark. The second is the composition, it seems a bit cropped. Did you work from a reference image or nature? Other than that, your penstroke or calligraphy contributes to the pictorial depth, the means to achieve detail is convincing and delightful, and a well-balanced chiaroscuro. I look forward to seeing the post of your next drawing.
ccapewell answered:
Thanks for your feedback. yes working from photo here. i am still experimenting with various cropping styles, widths, and shades. I do find the chosen cropping wdith pleasing when looked upon from a distance of 6-10 feet. I do prefer a white border as it similuates a matting. Ive found that my drawings seem to look better in person then on computer, or at least on computer keepingt the image size small to simulate distance. This I believe is due to the impressionist idea of the illusion and combing of lines at a distnace that are separate up close.. perhaps the 1.5 inch might be too much, maybe 1 inch would suffice, I agree the tree needs to be darker and overlooked that as well.