Twinkle Twinkle Star Bunting

What you will need

  • I saw a picture of this on facebook and found the pattern on Crochetville. I had to make it
  • but I wanted to make it larger to fit a baby. I don't have a baby for modeling so I used my cabbage patch doll.

Q&A with Lois A

lwalraven7013613 asked:
Very cute!! I'm in search of this pattern as well but am unable to find it. Can you please send me in the right direction?? Thanks Larissa
Lois A answered:
I found the pattern on crochetville. The pattern is for 18" doll. I just kep makingvit do it fit a baby http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/112059-twinkle-twinkle18baby/?hl=%2Btwinkle+%2Bstar