Texting Gloves

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I was really excited at how well the color changes lined up when I made the grey/green/burgundy pair! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Crochet loosely - I tend to crochet rather snugly and that made the gloves very stiff. So I went up from the recommended D hook to an E hook and kept my tension 'casual' - I like the result much better. Also be sure to leave a long-ish tail when attaching the yarn to add the fingers. You will need that to sew up spaces that will be between the fingers.

What you will need

  • Sock yarns

Q&A with Pam Daley

FerSquyres asked:
I've been battling with this pattern for months myself. I have a completed pair, but have yet to sew on the buttons... I crochet. I don't sew. The biggest problem I have for myself is I have short fingers & the pattern just doesn't work for my hands. I'm thinking about trying it again, but just making the fingers come up to my 1st knuckle or so. :)
Pam Daley answered:
I made SO many pairs 'practicing' this pattern and trying to get it 'right' before I felt comfortable sending them to anyone! I really don't think you even need the buttons; I just can't imagine actually using them?? I dunno....:-)
smbemb asked:
How can I get the pattern? There is no link to the pattern, only the picture. Can you send me the pattern?
Pam Daley answered:
The pattern I started with is here -
m.j.flore1108068 asked:
Help! I've made the gloves, but I am hitting some sort of brick wall with the whole finger "hood".
Pam Daley answered:
I'll try to help. What specifically is giving you trouble?
tpaulo0501133116 asked:
Can you help me with adjusting the to a bigger size? My husband wants a pair and his hands are a half size bigger than mine. Thank you for your time.
Pam Daley answered:
Adjusting this pattern to fit a man's big hand would be a lot; I think you'd be better off finding a man-size glove pattern and then just making the changes for the little covers on the fingers. Have you searched for any men's glove patterns yet?