Created by: Marilee Rockley

Tatted Maple Leaf earrings

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Marilee Rockley made Tatted Maple Leaf earrings with:

Shuttle Tatting

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Shuttle Tatting

with Marilee Rockley

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  • These sweet little maple leaves become pretty tatted jewelry from Lizbeth crochet cotton size 20. I used hand dyed thread for tatting these. The seed beads are size 11/0. Pattern is my original: Small Maple Leaf

Q&A with Marilee Rockley

suerypka asked:
Gorgeous Tatted Maple Leaf Earrings! Shouldn't your category be Tatting?
Marilee Rockley answered:
Thanks, glad you like these! The reason tatting is in the crochet category is that there is no tatting category on Craftsy. Supposedly by being included with crochet it receives more visibility.
marinegri4482955 asked:
What is the best tatting shuttle to use? One with or without a hook on the end?
Marilee Rockley answered:
The "best" tatting shuttle depends on the individual. Diane Cademartori has written a good overview of the different types of tatting shuttles on the Craftsy blog here:
fancnanc70 asked:
I've been looking for a combo of fall colors (gold, rust, brown with perhaps a bit of green) in Size 30 thread, then I'll be on the hut for this pattern (or make up one myself). I really LIKE your leaf earrings!! NancyB
Marilee Rockley answered:
Thanks! Your color description seems to fit my hand dyed thread from the "Knitty Gritty" batch :)
readwater asked:
I love these.... maybe in RED since I'm from Canada.... Will hunt for some thread.
Marilee Rockley answered:
I visited Canada once :) Really beautiful scenery!